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Founding President: Derek Stables
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Mission Statement

The Mid-Valley Travel Club is an informal group of people living in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon, who are interested in travel. We get together once a month from September through May at Salem Public Library to share travel information and listen to presentations by Club members and invited guests on travel to interesting destinations.  We are not travel agents, so we do not organize group or individual travel. Our mission is purely educational.

Membership Information

There is no formal procedure for becoming a member of the Mid-Valley Travel Club, and no dues (see "Financial Statement" below). You are welcome to come to any of our meetings (see links to "Travel Club Schedule" and "Meeting Details" below). If you want to receive e-mail reminders of meetings and notification of new information on the Club's web site, please send an e-mail using the form below under "Contact the Club President, Program Chairman, or Webmaster." In addition to your e-mail address, we need your phone number, as experience has shown that people change their e-mail address frequently, and usually forget to notify us of the change. If we have your phone number, we can chase you down to get your new e-mail address. We do not share your e-mail address or phone number with any third parties. If you do notify us of an e-mail address change, please indicate that it is for the Travel Club database. If you ever wish to unsubscribe, please use the contact form under "Contact the Club President, Program Chairman, or Webmaster" below.

Travel Club Schedule

Schedule for the 2018-2019 Season
View the 2018-2019 meeting schedule by clicking this link.

If You'd Like to Make A Presentation

Please contact the Program Chairman (see "Contact the Club President, Program Chairman, or Webmaster" below).

Guidelines for Presenters

Suggestions for a successful Travel Club presentation
Please click on this link and read the suggestions before making a presentation to the Club. It will help ensure a smooth, gratifying experience for presenter and audience alike.

Duties of Meeting Moderator

In case of new or substitute Travel Club meeting moderator
Rarely, a substitute meeting Moderator needs to be called upon to run a Travel Club meeting, particularly if both Club President and Program Chairman are engaged in the activity for which the Travel Club exists: traveling. This link leads to a page written for the benefit of the substitute Moderator. It lists the Moderator's duties.

Meeting Details

Location, daters and times
Click this link for details of meeting location, dates, and times.


Need help to find the Club's meeting room?
Club meetings are usually held in the Loucks Auditorium at Salem Public Library. Rarely, a meeting will be moved to the Anderson Room on the Library's lower level if the Library has an unavoidable scheduling conflict. Click on this link for directions to the Loucks Auditorium and Anderson Room.


Need advice on a travel destination?
Going to Bhutan, Mongolia, Morocco, Australia, or some other exotic locale? Or perhaps somewhere a little less exotic such as the U.K., France or Switzerland? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. First look through the Archive (lower left column, below). You'll probably find a record of a presentation on the destination you're planning to visit. Contact the Club using the contact form below, and we'll put you in touch with the member who made that presentation. If you don't find your destination in the Archive, use the contact form below to let us know your proposed destination and we'll see if we can find someone who's been there. Using this resource, you can often get helpful advice on what to do, where to go and what to see, advice that's hard to get any other way.

Financial Statement

How do we survive without a membership fee?
Click the above link for a spreadsheet showing the Club's meager income and expenses.

Email and Privacy Issues

What do we do with your email address?
There are about 300 members on the Club's mailing list. Contacting them all using the United States Mail is expensive. By using your email address we can regularly send announcements of schedule changes and reminders about meetings, as well as seek your input on proposed changes to Club policies and procedures. We do not distribute your email address to any outside parties. Click on this link to see our privacy statement.

Tim Murphy's Letters from Mexico

Tim's dispatches about life south of the border
Travel Club member, Tim Murphy, recently lived in N.W. Mexico. Click on this link for a series of articles by Tim on this region of Mexico. Tim writes that he welcomes feedback from Club members. You can contact him by obtaining his email address from the Club President (see form below).

Contact the Club President, Program Chairman, or Webmaster

To contact the Club President, Program Chairman or Webmaster, please click here.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, please include both your e-mail address and phone number, so we can phone you when you change your e-mail address and forget to notify us!


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Mid-Valley Travel Club

[25th Season]

February 14, 2019

7:00-8:30 pm

Salem Public Library
Loucks Auditorium
585 Liberty St SE

Swaziland and South Africa
Eric Schuman

Nothing could be more spectacular for nature lovers than seeing African wildlife closeup. Join Eric as he visits 3 South African national parks, is challenged in Soweto, delights in Capetown and explores the mysterious last African kingdom of Swaziland (now "eSwatini").

Travel Skills: There will be no Travel Skills segment. Eric's presentation will take up the entire program.

You can review the travel destination topics for the last (2017-8) season here.

Our meetings are FREE and open to the public.

More information is available at 503-931-1684

Previous Presentations

Summaries of past "Destination" topics since October, 2004 can be found in the Archive section (see link near bottom of left column). Click on the link for the desired year.

Summaries of many past "Travel Skills" topics since December, 2004 are also at bottom left. Click on the desired topic from the appropriate drop-down menu.

Eric Schuman's Photo Essay on Cuba

Eric writes: "I returned recently from a 2 week Road Scholar trip to Cuba. In case you're interested, I've copied the address of my gallery. There is narration at the bottom of many of the images. Best way to view is clicking on 'slide show' in the upper right."
Photos may be shared with attribution to Eric Schuman.

Ron & Kathy Kelemen's Travel Blog

Ron and Kathy Kelemen have a Travel Blog. Take a look. It's interesting reading, and well done: Ron & Kathy's Mid-Life Adventures located at http://www.rwk777.blogspot.com

Pritam Rohila's Travel Blog

Travel Club member Pritam Rohila has updated his extensive travel blog: http://pritam-rohila-travels.blogspot.com
It is very well presented, with excellent photos and commentary.

It features:

    • 2017 fascinating San Francisco
    2016 travels in California (Solvang and Huntington Beach)
    • 2014 travels in India
    • 2013 travels in California and Mexico
    • 2012 travels in Russia, Finland, Iceland
    • 2012 travels in South-East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand)
    • 2010 travels China and Mexico
    • 2009 travels in California
    • 2008 travels in the Indian state of Gujarat and in Korea
    • 2007 travels in Southern Europe (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey)
    • 2006 travels in Egypt, Israel and Jordan

Highly recommended!

Bob & Eunice Goetz's Travel Blog

Travel Club members Bob and Eunice Goetz are probably the most traveled members of the Travel Club. Eunice has emailed me offering a link to their travel blog for any Travel Club member who would like to read about the Goetz's travels. The link is:
The blog has entries from over 60 countries and cities, some of which I haven't even heard of! And, if you go to: http://web.mac.com/laughingnomad/iWeb/Travel%202006-2008/Navigation%20Menu.html
you'll find movies and pictures of their travels (broadband Internet connection advisable). This is wonderful material. I commend it to you.

Alan & Belinda Scott's Travel Blog

Another high quality blog, this one by Alan and Belinda Scott, on Egypt, Jordan and Israel, can be found at:

Alan and Belinda's most recent travel blog features their travels in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and France. You can find it at:
with additional photos at:




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