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The Mid-Valley Travel Club's 23nd season continued on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

January, 2017:

Sewing and Traveling in Tanzania
John Francis and Caye Poe

John Francis and Caye Poe of Dayton spent six weeks in Tanzania, mainly bolstering a sewing center at a small Maasai orphanage. It was similar to a project they had done a few years earlier in Madagascar. Their purpose was to help a group of rural women establish a sewing business, to earn income and, in this case to help the orphanage. While there Caye and John also visited Zanzibar and traveled through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to see the wildlife.

Febuary, 2017

Rails to Trails:
An easy way to discover the US and your own neighborhood.
Ron and Kathy Kelemen

Ron and Kathy Kelemen use Rails to Trails guidebooks to increase their enjoyment of areas they visit. Railways converted into biking/walking lanes throughout the continent provide fascinating insights into history, beautiful sights, and as an extra bonus–railroad grades are always flat to gentle! It's a wonderful way to get exercise while travelling and learn the history of the area. In the summer of 2016 they drove cross-country with their trailer visiting many trails along the way including the Erie Canal, The Badlands trail, and the Hudson Valley in New York.

So try exploring your home town, state, or a new destination by foot, bicycle, and even wheel chair on rails-to-trails and other walkways.

Ron and Kathy have made available their excellent slides, which you can access by clicking here.

March, 2017

Croatia: Dream of the Adriatic
Eric Schuman

Discover the vibrancy of Zagreb, the wonders of Diocletian's palace in Split, and Dubrovnik -- the "Pearl of the Adriatic." See how quickly Croatia recovered from the most devastating European war since 1945, and hear about privately led affordable tours, where you are the only guests.

April, 2017

Baja from Tip to Toe
Phil & Maureen Caudill

Join Phil & Maureen Caudill on a 13-day adventure down the entire length of Baja California, approximately 1000 miles by bus on the trans-peninsular highway. See and hear their many experiences along the way, including petting the California Grey Whales in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in the Pacific Ocean, hikes in the desert, visiting wineries in the Guadalupe Valley, and stopping in small Mexican villages.

May, 2017

Repositioning to Down Under
with Stops in Between
Sydney & Richard Hatch

After 52 days afloat, we share a bit of life on board a ship in the Holland America Line, as well as the various stops in the Pacific islands, going to and around the coast of Australia. We visited major ports as well as the Indonesian island of Bali and the Komodo Dragon island. We loved Australia and her wonderful people.


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